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"LESBIANS" DO NOT EXIST (3 reasons why)


Women around the world proudly flaunt being in lesbian relationships proclaiming that they are only attracted to women. They're full of it and they all know it. Here are 3 reasons why.

How to decide if a woman is worth your time outside of sex


Having one quality woman in your life is much better than sleeping with a bunch of sluts all the time. But how can a man tell if a woman is worth investing time and energy into? How can he decide if a woman has the potential to be a quality long term mate? Here are a few things to ask and to pay attention to when deciding whether or not to keep a woman around for a possible long term relationship.


7 Reasons You Should NEVER Get Back With Your Ex


Being the first to say "I love you" and saying "I'm sorry" to your woman are 2 of the worst things you can do as a man. Getting back with your ex girlfriend is THE WORST. The minute you end things with her or she ends things with you she's going to be sleeping with dudes by the truck load. And if you get back with her she'll instantly lose respect for you, and continue to sleep with other men behind your back. Here are a few other reasons you should ever make a former main chick, your main chick again.



Women can only destroy themselves through sex...which is why they're only good for sex


Regardless of how much agency, skill, etc. a woman has, none of that matters if she isn't sexually attractive. She could be kind, feminine, pleasant to be around, and she might even make a good mother. But if she's not sexually attractive, she'll never get the opportunity to showcase her femininity. On the flip side, she can only destroy herself in one


You will never be the biggest or the best she's ever had. But you CAN be the man she NEVER forgets.


Your girl has had sex with a lot of people. Because of this, you will never be the biggest or best she's ever had in bed. But you can be the man she'll never forget...the man she'll always bring up in conversations with her friends when talking about past relationships.


8 Reasons why there SHOULD be a wage gap


Even though the "wage gap" myth has been debunked, feminists are still pushing this b.s. narrative. Well I'm about to give them their wage gap with 8 Reasons men should earn more than women for doing the same work.