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The only three things men should do after a bad break up with a woman


Breakups are tough. They sap you emotionally and physically. That immediate period after a bad breakup can literally make or break you and if you're not aware of what to do in the aftermath, you could pick up some bad habits, make some bad decisions and set yourself back in many ways. So what's a man to do after a messy breakup?

Why black men need to stop dating black women and start dating white wom


It's common knowledge these days that black men are starting to opt out of relationships with black women. There are many reasons for this. However, not only does it behoove men to stop committing to black women, they need to start pursuing relationships with white women.


"THE BETTER YOU TREAT WOMEN THE BETTER THEY TREAT YOU" and other B.S. "proverbs" to stop believing


You CAN judge a book by its cover but the world at large persecutes you if you verbalize as much. There are many slogans, maxims, and axioms that we have accepted as gospel truth and live by as a matter of habit. But when you break them down and really look at what they mean it's easy to see most of them are patently false.



"LESBIANS" DO NOT EXIST (3 reasons why)


Women around the world proudly flaunt being in lesbian relationships proclaiming that they are only attracted to women. They're full of it and they all know it. Here are 3 reasons why.


O.J. SIMPSON PAROLED: He was railroaded and shouldn't have served anywhere near 9 years


O.J. Simpson was unanimously granted parole by the Nevada Parole Board after having served nearly 9 years of a 9 to 33 year prison sentence. Simpson was railroaded by the Nevada court system and should never been in prison anywhere near the 9 years he served.


7 Reasons You Should NEVER Get Back With Your Ex


Being the first to say "I love you" and saying "I'm sorry" to your woman are 2 of the worst things you can do as a man. Getting back with your ex girlfriend is THE WORST. The minute you end things with her or she ends things with you she's going to be sleeping with dudes by the truck load. And if you get back with her she'll instantly lose respect for you, and continue to sleep with other men behind your back. Here are a few other reasons you should ever make a former main chick, your main chick again.

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