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Why Do So Many Men Hate On The Manosphere?

There's a disturbing trend in the manosphere...male haters. Men who either think they know more than the purveyors, men who outright disagree with our assertions, and many more. Female haters are expected...male haters are pathetic. So Illimitable Man and I discuss these trends and address our haters.

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Episode 72: There is little difference between the "Red Pill Women" movement and feminism

"Red Pill Women" seem to be popping up everywhere. They're on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But this growing trend is nothing more than women invading another male space, attempting to mimic a quality woman, and getting attention from men with red pill awareness. There are no red pill women....only red pill groupies and there is little difference between them and feminists.

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Episode 71: Once you go black, you CAN'T go back

"Once you go black, you don't go back" is something white girls have been saying forever. What they're not telling you is that they know they probably couldn't date white guys once they're seen with a black guy. Replace the word "don't" with "can't" and this is an accurate statement. Here's why.

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What The Media Won't Tell You About The Aaron Hernandez Tragedy

Shayanna Jenkins, Aaron Hernandez's fiancee, sat down with Dr. Phil to discuss her former husband to be's life, conviction, and untimely death. She talked about rumors of homosexuality, what he was like before he was arrested, and his apparent suicide. But lost in the narrative is something the media won't tell you and probably doesn't want you to know.

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